Kevin is a lifestyle photographer and brand designer who specializes in designing + capturing authentic creative for his clients.  His work is primarily focused in lifestyle, apparel & sport focused brands, magazines / books, and retail consumer companies.  He also captures portraits and produces fine art prints for select clients.  His goal with each project is to create a warm + modern experience for the viewer to feel invited into, always keeping true to the authenticity of each subject.

Prior to forming his creative consulting studio ( LightShip85 ) Kevin worked full-time with Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and A&F brands focused on how to best design + showcase their advertised identities as premiere lifestyle brands.  His roles as a director, designer, and photographer had him travel the globe and cross-work in multiple brand exposure departments (concept design, retail and direct-to-consumer design, and brand identity advertising).  Kevin's liberal arts degree in Advertising and Fine Art Photography combined with his design degree in Apparel Design is his foundation, however he draws most of his inspiration from the authenticity of each location he travels to, his grandfather's photography, and his varied experience with the many talented professionals he feels fortunate to have collaborated with during his career.

Kevin truly believes that all successful brand design and photography is the direct result of an optimistic + collaborative creative effort that allows authentic lifestyles to be captured naturally.  Kevin is available for photo assignments, ad campaigns, brand consulting, and private bookings (with his team or independently) and welcomes you to contact him directly.



LightShip85 is a creative consulting studio with two primary areas of focus: Lifestyle Photography + Brand Design.  Started in 2009, it is based on Nantucket Island with global travels for client projects and focused on designing creative + capturing imagery in an authentic, modern light.

LIGHTSHIP85 is the name of a wooden light-vessel (aka floating-lighthouse) that was built in NJ in 1910.  It then moved to the Nantucket Shoals Lighthouse Station, where its job was to warn eastern bound vessels navigating past the shallow waters surrounding the island.

Like the light-vessel LIGHTSHIP85, Kevin Korn was born in NJ but now calls Nantucket his home, where he lives with his family and is inspired by the natural beauty of the island's authenticity.